New moon solar eclipse in Leo

Usually when I go to write, I get my thoughts out on my computer in a word document. But today is special and I don’t have the time to do that. So please forgive any grammatical and spelling errors.

Today is a new moon solar eclipse in Leo.

Just think about that for a minute.

New moons by themselves bring around change, but we have the powerful force of the sun being in Leo while its briefly being covered by the moon. Eclipses bring up so much shit for us, perhaps we should pay attention to this one.

It’s the last day this year the sun is in Leo. My oldest daughter is a Leo, and I’ve always had a fondness for people with their sun in Leo. Sometimes they can be stoic, but underneath that soticness lies a heart of pure gold. The quality  of this sign is fixed, and the element is fire. They tend to be stubborn as fixed signs are and sometimes it can be difficult to see the passion they have underneath that big furry mane of theirs. They love the people in their lives so deeply but sometimes their pride gets in the way. People born under this sign often times are able to shine so bright they are magnetic in ways people unfamiliar with astrology can’t explain.

Im not going to claim to know everything about eclipses, but my friend, hypnotherapist and guide made a beautiful analogy about the one we have today: she said the moon covering the sun is like having light being shed on the shadow.

The shadow, the dark- the moon, will briefly cover the sun to show us all that we need to know about those parts of ourselves that we may deny. Since it’s also a new moon today, this will help us to bring about change we need in our own lives.

I wouldn’t take this rare positioning of the moon and the sun for granted. Pay attention today and see what comes up. What can we change? What can we let die so that new growth can happen?

Ignite the inner Leo that lives inside of you. Write out the changes you want and meditate on them and see what some up. Nows the time to ignite that passion that’s hidden in the corners of your shadow. The shadow holds the dark that we push aside and deny, yes, but it also holds the pure gold. How often do we deny the pure gold lying within us because we’re afraid of being great? How many times have we believed someone else’s crappy version of who we are pushing that gold in our shadow farther back into those deep corners?

Well, better get that torch and take a look in those hidden corners. The universe is begging you to.

Let’s all take this day to for once be bold, be great, be the lion and roar as loud as we possibly can. Today’s the day as this rare combination of planetary alignment won’t come around every day. Live it, breathe it and enjoy it. Let’s all grow today so we can make the world a better place. It starts at home, with us. Love as big as a lion while there’s still time.

Namaste my friends.


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