What the BLANK Saturn and moon mother?!

I just want to get right to it- the sun moved into Capricorn a few weeks ago, and Saturn has moved into Capricorn, it’s Home constellation, as well and will remain there for the next few years.

Today, the last day of 2017, we are approaching the full moon in cancer, the sign that it rules.

Holy shit, what an axis to ring in the new year with!

Capricorn is representative of the father, and cancer the mother.

Saturn comes in and shows you your karma, everything you’ve done that’s brought you to this point in your life. 2017 brought out so much in the American shadow. Here we think were so generous and diplomatic and trailblazers, yet we use more natural resources than any other country, our celebrities are creating scandals left and right and gun violence (and violence in the form of trucks running people over) ran rampant in 2017.

That’s our shadow. We can’t stuff that shit down anymore.

Then we have our father, Capricorn, saying, “Saturn has shown you your karma now do the fucking work.” He’s the father who sits with us while we do our homework and learn what we need to.

We enter without mother as well, with her ruler the moon (emotions) telling us, “it’s ok. Feel your emotions. No emotions are bad. I love you, love yourself. Have self compassion then give it away.”

And that dreaded thing our mother always says, “your father is right.”

Mom and dad are welcoming us into the new year. 2017 has shown us the negative aspects of our shadow, maybe 2018 can bring to light that gold that’s stored there, too. As much as we deny the bad stuff in our shadow, we also deny the good.

Why? What are we resisting?

Can we take off our masks of the ego and step into our light? Can we finally hold hands as brothers and sisters and forget the grudges, the grievances and just fucking relax into each other? Can we create a space of acceptance and flow, instead of division and resistance?

The powers that be would love to keep us divided. Hell, with certain people I want to be divided and deny that I am also them. That deep down we are all doing our best with the limited tool set we got handed to us from birth and genetics and life experiences.

That’s what this new year means to me. Acknowledging the dark shadow and stepping towards my light. That’s easier said than done! But that’s Saturn- the taskmaster. He isn’t going to make it easy but having him in his Home sign of Capricorn, to me, means that I have to be accountable for my own shitty actions and I can’t afford to deny them and blame them on someone else anymore.

Thank god for cancer being in the moon to ease us all in.

With love,



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