Standing head to foot pose- the beginnings of balancing poses.

Ok I super suck, I don’t know how you say that in Sanskrit!

In this balance pose, it’s important to sink weight into the standing leg, in this video, that’s my left. I also start to feel my glutes on my left leg actively engage as well.

From there…

Engage mulabandha (pelvic floor) and uddiyanabandha (abdominals). The torso gets an upward left, and the shoulders roll back.

The shoulder need to roll back! It’s a tendency to roll them forward in order to extend the leg, but don’t. Start by grabbing the knee and pulling it in tight, which will also engage the belly.

From there we can work on leg extension.

Don’t forget to breathe! Drishti (gaze) is set at the big toe. Spine is long. No hunching!

I think those pose is as much a balancing pose as it is a core and butt work out!

Don’t mind my weird face I’m making, or the end where I’m almost busted when my husband walks out from the hallway! 😂

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