Full Moon Aries Sextile Mars and Squaring Saturn- Heal the Warrior within

fullmoonariesBurn baby Burn.

Full moons are all about illumination on the shadow aspects of our subconscious, and it’s a time when the moon stands opposite the sun, almost in a face off using mirrors instead of guns. The veil comes off and we are exposed. This particular full moon happens to land in Aries and is known as the Warrior’s Moon.

Aries doesn’t mind this unveiling and almost revels it, not being one to shy away from confrontation. But beware this Mars energy of aggression and force. Instead of using the same methods of resolving conflict as you did in the past, the moon is conjuncting Chiron, the Wounded Healer,  telling us that we need to find ways to heal our inner aggressions, heal what we have been suppressing or ways we’ve felt oppressed.

This moon comes just a few days after the Sun enters Libra asking us to learn to feel this strong Aries energy but find a balance with it not only within ourselves, but more importantly in our relationships. We evolve now not just for ourselves but also for those who are closest to us.

This is what the Autumn equinox is for. The sun leaves Virgo, who was showing us how we can perfect what we’ve been working on all year, and moves into Libra, showing us how we can balance all of these different energies. But this tough aspect of Mars and Saturn just leaves us feeling intense, under pressure and perhaps pissed off! At the time of the full moon Mars will square Saturn. Mars, the planet of aggression and masculine energy and Saturn, the all-knowing paternal task master, throwing back at us the karmic lessons we should have learned, are squaring off with one another. Mars, lacking patience, and Saturn, lacking tact, are putting the pressure on us to finally turn these karmic lessons into reality right now. Well, as the full moon is illuminating all of our bullshit, aggressive Mars may want us to just flip the bird to all of those who walk into our path and challenge us, but Chiron is not too far away and begging us to use a little softness and understanding in order to learn these hard lessons.

The Sun is also going to be going sextile into Mars, giving us a little reprieve from the power struggle between Mars and Saturn but it won’t be a walk in the park! It’s more like a third perspective on the situation at hand. The Sun and Mars are both yang in nature sharing the element of fire which can indicate rapid change, or at least, taking some kind of action instead of sitting in indecision. Thankfully, the sun is also getting some sound advice from Libra who is telling her that it’s quite alright to find some harmony and balance in the midst of the fire storm and that pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, without some kind of pressure most of us would stay stuck within the confines of our comfort zones and never even try to evolve.

In the midst of all this fiery, intense chaos, can you find some sense of balance in close, personal relationships? Can you take a good hard look at the unconscious aspects of yourself and the effect you may be having on your own close, personal relationships and see where the healing needs to take place? Where can you make changes to yourself instead of trying to change the other, in order to create a more harmonious life? Don’t forget that love starts with yourself, and removing toxic relationships from your life can be the ultimate act of self-love. Mars and Saturn at a square can have a positive aspect of basically yelling at you to shit or get off the pot, especially if you’ve been putting up with someone else’s shit long enough. Sometimes we get stuck in relationships that we find tough to leave, but need to because they inhibit our own growth.

Now is the time to fight for what you want and what you believe in, without hurting others. This doesn’t have to be a war, it could simply be an internal fight you have had with yourself for a, long time that needs to come into a resolution. We also have to ensure that we fight with honor, like a true warrior, and not for pride or ego. Hidden demons may be illuminated in this moon making it difficult to face and admit to things we have perhaps done wrong, but without the shadow side of things we wouldn’t be able to see the light, now would we?


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