New Moon in Scorpio

Here we are at yet another New Moon. As we see the shadow being spread across the moon, hidden from the light, we have a perfect opportunity to release things from our lives that cause us to be stuck so that when we reach mid lunar cycle we can see what needs to be illuminated from our shadow.

New moons are the perfect time for Shadow work, and having this moon in Scorpio makes it a potent time to do the work, but it’ll be intense and Scorpio isn’t here to make it easy. Scorpio is a secretive sign that is all about death, transformation and rebirth. We can’t put the band-aid on the gunshot wound. In order to heal and transform, we have to bring those deeper wounds to the surface and indeed, Scorpio loves to go deep. Don’t be afraid of the deep and often painful process you have to go through to get there because there is so much reward at the end!

Scorpio is not a sign of ease and beauty. It’s a sign of seeing all the bullshit we have within ourselves instead of projecting it onto to others, using the blame game as justification. Release this old pattern with compassion and forgiveness not just for others but for yourself. Hey, we all have our shit! That is what makes us such beautifully, flawed human beings.

New Moons are a time of seed planting, not harvesting. Do not make any big decisions or take any action at this time, but a time for reflection. Intention setting is thinking about what we want, not what we don’t want so as you sit down to do this try to avoid saying something like, “I want to get rid of my anger” and instead say, “I want to focus on having more gratitude.” The mind usually takes to things easier in the positive than in the negative in terms of transformation.

This new moon in Scorpio may bring up some shit you don’t want to face, and it probably won’t  be pretty, but denying it casts it back down into your shadow to be repressed when maybe it does need to be expressed in some way. When we look at things as good or bad we cast judgement on them, and perhaps judgement that doesn’t need to be there. Can you sit quietly with yourself and see the stuff that is coming up without passing judgement or blame? Can you write this out and reflect on it? Scorpio wants to take you down deep into the Underworld and make you uncomfortable, and it is through that discomfort that we can truly process and find the gold that we also store hidden in our shadow.

Scorpio at its worst is manipulative, impulsive, with out of control, intense emotions and ego attachments, but at its best it knows how to create partnerships and find harmony with shared resources. Scorpio could be telling you to seek outside help from someone who is unbiased who can guide you to healing at this time. Sometimes we can’t process these deep things alone and we need some help.

I will write a blog later on the Quantum Healing Therapy I am doing with a Shaman and how it has helped me tremendously in processing my old childhood wounds that I repressed, suppressed and denied.

Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up by all means but use caution with others. Scorpio is known to lash out and if you feel that coming up for you it’s good to recognize it for what it is and warn the other party that you are going through some deep processing right now and may need some space. Scorpio is an introspective sign and having the sun and the moon in it, don’t be surprised if you feel the need to remove the mask you’ve been wearing and hide for a while! That is okay (for a time, but eventually you need to release and move forward).

Above all, trust yourself at this time. This is a great time to start a meditation practice if you haven’t done so already. Keep a journal near by as you meditate and see if anything comes up. If nothing does don’t worry about that. Just keep focusing on your breath, your belly, your body, as you sit still and allow your mind to relax through what may feel like tumultuous emotions.

Scorpio is also the sign of sexuality, and being water, it has a lot to do with the sacral chakra. We store every single past lover in this chakra and now is the time to cut the cords with them and start to let this orange color shine brightly. Let the creativity flow as you release old ties and emotional wounds of the past so that you can focus on the things that bring you joy. Sexuality doesn’t have to be the physical act of sex; sex is also symbolic of birth and transformation as we birth new ideas by transforming ourselves and releasing old patterns of thinking that have been holding us back. Scorpio is secretive and that doesn’t mean just the “negative stuff” that you try to hide from others, though it certainly can be, but also the GOLD you keep secret from yourself and others! How often do we hold back and not shine out of fear of rejection? Can you look deeper within yourself and see this?

I decided for this new moon to draw a tarot card and the one that literally jumped out at me as I was shuffling was the 2 of Swords. We see a woman blindfolded with a rocky, almost turbulent sea behind her and a waxing moon in the sky above her to her left. She can’t see what’s ahead, she has to focus inward, to her unconscious. She has to trust that her subconscious mind (as the swords are all about the mind) will guide her, and she has two swords to protect her, but the two swords also represent a splitting of two paths. Which road should she take? Being blindfolded, it’s unclear. The waxing moon promises change on the horizon but which way it will go is up to her, but she needs to listen to her inner guide, her intuition.

Here is a direct interpretation from the Rider-Waite Deck:

“You must show that you have inner fortitude as you face an important challenge in your life. You need to come to terms with your own limitations and virtues, and master your ego, before you can move forward. You must be in harmony with yourself before you can be in harmony with the world. Until you achieve this balance, you will be at a stalemate.”

Bring out the shit and the gold in the subconscious mind. Pay attention to any signs you see and write them down. Keep a log of all dreams as a lot of stuff comes up in those as well. Interpretations of dreams and signs is personal, so now is the time to reflect. But don’t take the negative route- we can’t have the “good” without the “bad”, the light can’t shine without the dark. Notice these aspects in your life as a balancing act, without attachment from your ego. Scorpio is your friend in this, your really intense friend who won’t sugar coat it for you!

Raven Kaldera calls this moon the Raging Moon. As children we may have felt powerless and unable to change the world, wounding our souls, causing this rage to boil within us. Healing is not the point of this moon, not in this part of the lunar cycle, not yet. Understanding is the point, and with that understanding of our wounds and pain, we can then start to work towards taking some action towards healing.

Dive deep my friends, and try to accept and maybe even enjoy whatever comes up, acknowledge that it was meant to come up, and from there perhaps you can find some seeds you want to plant in place of these old wounds and traumas that you see showing up for you. Scorpio is intense, and at every New Moon, we have the sun and moon in conjunction, meaning they are in the same sign (so double Scorpio double intensity here!) but also that the energies are working well together and flowing. Please trust yourself in this process; we all possess intuition, you just have to allow yourself to believe it, which translates to believing in yourself.




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