About Erica


Erica is a full-time business owner, yoga teacher, mother and wife, and movement advocate.

Getting her biology degree in 2012, she had the hopes of getting into a nursing program, but dreams changed and life moved in a  completely different direction.

She completed her first yoga teacher training with 265 hours, adding a component in Yoga Therapy and teaching to people affected by trauma in 2014, Erica went on to teach wherever she could. She has taken additional training in Yin and Pre and Post Natal yoga and believes that yoga is for every body. The classes she teaches are always inclusive, supportive, and taught with a sense of every single person in the room.

In her own practices she utilizes teachings from Asthanga, yin, and vinyasa yoga while always learning and keeping up to date on alignment principals. Sharing and gathering information from different fitness formats and professionals.

She believes it is a privilege and a service to share the practice with others and to teach students how to have a safe, sustainable practice with integrity in their own body. “This isn’t Yoga Journal” is one of the reminders she shares with her students.

Show up as you are and know that it is fine to be who you are and where you are.

She uses teachings from Kino MacGregor, Lama Suryadas, don Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle, and her husband, Daniel Ramos, MS in Kinesiology with 20 years in the fitness industry,  in her teachings. I also enjoy local teachers in my area, my faveorites and most inspirational being Karen Miscall Bannon and James Kapika.

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