About Erica


I am a full-time business owner, yoga teacher, mother and wife, and personal empowerment advocate.

After getting my biology degree in 2012, I had the hopes of getting into a nursing program, but dreams changed and life moved in a  completely different direction.

(I.E. I totally got rejected from all the local nursing programs)

I completed her first yoga teacher training with 265 hours, adding a component in Yoga Therapy and teaching to people affected by trauma in 2014, I went on to teach wherever I could! Teaching has led me to many different places and I continue to grow and challenge myself all the time. I have taken additional training in Yin and Pre and Post Natal yoga and I have a firm belief that yoga is for every body. The classes I teach are intuitive, inclusive, supportive, and taught with a sense of every single person in the room, and also fun and challenging! (when I teach, it ain’t about me anymore!)

In my own yoga practice I take in vinyasa, kriya, ashtanga, kundalini and elements of Tarot and Astrology. I believe in intuition and magic, and motivate my students to tap into their own intuitive nature.

Check out the many videos I plan to upload that deal with spirituality and how astrology and tarot can help you on your spiritual journey!

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