01-Why-Your-Zodiac-Sign-Can-Actually-Predict-Romantic-Compatibility-shutterstock_433104214-760x506Astrology has been an AMAZING healing tool for me and has held my interest for about 20 years. As a Sun and Mercury Gemini, that says a lot!

The deeper and deeper I get into the philosophy of the astral body and the stars and planets and how the affect us here on Earth, the more my mind is blown.

For the naysayers, I can only say that until you have your chart done by a professional astrologer, you will continue to pass up on the opportunity that lies in understanding your own personal chart. The birth chart is a map to evolution that is as personal to us as a fingerprint.

The reason people think astrology is total bullshit is because they tend to only look at a weekly horoscope in the paper for their Sun sign, but the thing is, that is only one very small aspect of your chart. The three main planets to look at are you Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs.

The fun part is astrology runs even deeper than that. There are 9 planets and many, many, many different aspects these planets can have with one another. Depending on the signs and houses their in, you’ll see different impacts on personality, health and disposition.

Think of the astrological houses as the set, the Zodiac signs as the actors and the planets as the props. Understanding the stories behind the signs, planets and houses sets you up to understand the entire zodiac wheel as it rotates around the entire year. I see the Zodiac wheel as an evolution for all of us; in other words, we are all the planets and all the signs moving through all the houses all year long, we just move through differently.

Right now the Sun is in Virgo, and I’ve been in a major organizing and cleaning mode. When it first moved into Virgo I felt the need to perfect the work I had been doing, and told my husband what I felt I needed to do for personal growth so he could hold me accountable (Virgo is the sign of accountability and perfectionism). As I feel it moving into Libra, I start to move towards slowing down and focusing on balance and harmony within my family and close relationships.

Each sign and house also corresponds to specific elements and qualities. For example, I am a Gemini, which corresponds to the 3rd house (as it is the 3rd sign on the zodiac wheel), and it is a mutable air sign. Air signs deal with mental processes, intelligence, how we communicate and learn. Mutable signs tend to be adaptable. My Ascendant is Virgo, which is also a mutable sign, but it’s an Earth sign, so it tends to be more grounded.

If you would like your own personal Elemental Astrology chart and reading please send me an email and I will pass you a link to my PayPal account. I am offering this for $10, and please be patient as I plan on personalizing it for you, so it will take time to get the reading ready to go. In other words- I won’t be pumping it out from computer software!

Knowing what elements are strongest and weakest in your chart can give you an excellent overview of your nature and why you react to things the way you do.

I believe that the more we know about ourselves, the better we can live in relationship with others.

Happy Autumn Equinox and Libra Season, and I hope you take this time to reflect and find some balance and harmony in your life!



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